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You are invited to take time to read and reflect this “Good Friday” on this day of Jesus’ life that leads to death… and then new life.  Some may wish to spread the readings out over a period of time, and others not.  May God’s still speaking Word bless you and keep you.

Good Friday in Eight Movements of the Gospel of John

1.  Jesus is betrayed and arrested. John 18: 1-12        

   2.  Jesus is questioned by the high priest and denied by Peter. 
John 18: 13-27

3.  Jesus is questioned by Pilate who finds no case against him. 
John 18: 28 – 40

4.  Jesus is flogged and handed over to be crucified.  John 19: 1 – 16a 

5.  Jesus is crucified.  John 19: 16b – 25a 

6.  Jesus cares for his mother.  John 19: 25b - 27 

7.  Jesus gives up his spirit and dies.  John 19: 28 - 37 

8. Jesus' body is placed in a tomb. John 19: 38 – 42 

Dear God, we give you thanks that you love us so much that you became one of us in Jesus the Christ, who lived life fully and faithfully in accordance with your will even at the cost of his great suffering and death.  And we thank you that none of this could separate him, or us, from your presence and love as we remember and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  Keep us in your ways and care all our days, that we may be your beloved servants and children always and in all ways.  Amen. 

At this point in time, we will NOT be gathering together for any worship services, potlucks, special meetings, other meetings
through at least May 11 due to the N.H. governor’s stay-at-home order and our Conference's guidelines. We will provide at home worship services for Sundays and resources for Holy Week.  Members of the Governing Board, Ministry Chairs, and others are committed to contacting church community folk by phone weekly.     Pastor Lynn

And as the United Church of Christ likes to say, "No matter who you are, no matter where you are in life's journey, ALL are welcome here!"
We believe that the Gospel frees us from all kinds of oppression, and as a UCC church, we try to practice that extravagant welcome here. As a local church, our mission is to support people in living meaningful and fulfilling lives in the way of Christ.
9 South Village Common, Box 214 Westmoreland, New Hampshire 03467 USA
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